About Us

Platica's ChatBot uses powerful natural language processing technology to help brands improve communications with their customers, offering fully automated, personalized marketing and customer service. With Platica, brands can turn any customer interaction into a meaningful, 2-sided conversation, regardless of whether it started as a support request or a marketing push campaign.

Imagine letting your customers talk to your brand whenever they like, asking questions, receiving guidance, and building trust - automatically, with no human intervention required. It's time for your brand to be where your customers already are, and for offloading much of the pressure on your call center.

Go where your customers are
Do you know where your users are? They're chatting. They don't want to download and install your custom app, because they have too many apps already. 
Real conversations, automatically
Platica's technology allows your brand to create real relationships with your customers, right within the chat apps they already use, with no human intervention required.   
Improve loyalty and reduce churn 
Platica's ChatBot can transform your loyalty program from just-another-loyalty-card to a real, two-sided conversation that goes wherever your customer is. 
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